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When the critically acclaimed family theatre company Solar Stage lost a key portion of their funding, We Are Here Productions knew they had to step in. As a Thank You for Solar Stage's continued support of our growing theatre community, and of We Are Here Productions, we jumped at the opportunity to help raise funds in their time of need.

This variety cabaret, hosted by

Bruce Dow, featured singing,

dancing, comedy, drag, and so much more. Made up of a powerhouse lineup of Solar Stage Alumni and friends, each performance showcased their love and support for Solar Stage to a packed audience at Wychwood Barns.

Our Donation


Bruce Dow
Rami Khan
Kit Qaptain Boulter
Sofia Rodriguez
Ann Paula Bautista
Helen Grace
Megan Starkman
Richard Ryder
Melissa Torelli
Robertson Wickins
Emily Butler
Elizabeth Morriss
Aunya Zurevinski
Chris MacCallum
Astrid Atherly
Shai Tannyan
Gabriel Vaillant
Nicole McCafferty
Annelise Hawrylak
Chris Isaak
Co-Organizers: Matt Lacas & Rosie Callaghan
Musical Director: Quinton Naughton
Social Media/Community Outreach: Faly Mevamanana
Head Technician: Karen Elizabeth
Stage Management: Rosie Callaghan & Faly Mevamanana


We reached out to the Solar Stage family from across their rich 43 year history to tell us what Solar Stage meant to them,


We were not disappointed. 

These letters are a testament to all the love, support, and sense of belonging Solar Stage put into our community.  We thank each and every alumni that sent us a piece of their story and for showing their support to such an important company.

Click a photo to read a testimonial from one of the Solar Stage Family


Thank You to All our Sponsors

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